A graphic and digital design studio, based in Milan, Las Palmas and Paris since 1998, we work with a diversity of clients – large and small, public and private, businesses and institutions – from all over the world.
We provide a wide range of interconnected services – from branding projects to websites, photo and video productions, catalogues, brochures and books, installations for shops and trade fairs.

We passionately believe in two things: a close and sustained collaboration with our clients, and the need for coordinated solutions to build unique communication strategies.
Massimo Canali
“I want my work to grasp the essence of a strategy, to cut the superfluous, to involve the client in the designing process.“
A graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, and a student at AG Fronzoni's Workshop School, Massimo Canali works in New York for Wajskol Inc. and in Milan with Makio Hasuike and Michele De Lucchi, before starting his own studios in Milan, Las Palmas and Paris.

He specializes in corporate image, packaging, signage, editorial graphics, web and exhibition design – creating visually strong design focused on contrast, tension and energy.
“I rely on discipline and method to transcend ephemeral fashions, and create timeless design.”
1. Information
We acquire information about the client and the relevant market.
2. Development
We process the information to devise a strategy.
3. Visualization
We transpose the strategic input into visuals, to create a coherent identity.
4. Governance
We manage the on-going communication.
An on-going dialog with the client forms the focus for structured, long-term projects, founded on comprehensive, far-reaching strategic solutions.

A web of collaborations allows us to create each time a team equipped with the exact skills to suit each project's needs.
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Mantova +39 338 32 52 845
Las Palmas +34 635 32 69 48
Paris +33 1 83 95 55 49
Massimo Canali Design - Las Palmas.  NIE: Y2319030T
Massimo Canali Design - Las Palmas. 
NIE: Y2319030T
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